Yellow Bathrooms Ideas & Inspiration


When looking at wonderful bathrooms, ideas can be easy to feel but a little harder to spot individually. I love to help with that by finding great pictures and pulling the best bathrooms ideas out and sharing a few tips on each one. Since there are millions of awesome bathroom pictures out there, I thought […]

10 Easy DIY Shelves Tutorials, Plans, and Ideas


DIY Shelving: is it a curse or a blessing? For the reluctant DIY’er who begrudgingly admits the need for the shelf or shelves, has the basic skills to do it, and really doesn’t want to go through the effort or expense of hiring someone, the simplicity of making your own shelves might seem like a […]

Black Window and Door Trim


It’s no secret that I’m never the first kid on the block to like the newest look in shoe-laces. The same thing applies to paint colors and fancy embroidery on my butt. But it’s okay because these trends take awhile to really catch-on. Take the practice of painting your window sashes or window trim black, […]

Door Trim Ideas – Using Plain 1×6 Material


Take a look at this picture and tell me what you see: If you said “flooring” or “hardwood”, then you’re seeing exactly what you’re supposed to see as this photo was supplied in a press kit from Armstrong flooring. If you said “tables”, I’m right there with you because there are three cool tables in […]

Five Ideas for Glue-Gun Remodeling


Say, did you remember to bring your air-compressor and nail-gun in from the garage today? You were going to use it for that trim you wanted to install on the back of the kitchen island. Remember? What Do You Mean You Don’t Have a Nail-Gun? Well that’s okay. All is not lost! But you’ll still […]

RG’s Complete Guide To Wood Paneling – Part 5 – Inspiring Beadboard


What is it about beadboard? As a contractor for twenty years, I can’t recall ever hearing anyone say they don’t like it. At the same time I can remember hundreds of ooh’s and ah’s, gasps for breath, and near fainting when just the idea of beadboard was discussed! Not too many materials can claim such […]