Remodeling Market Steady at Ten Year High


When I first started in early 2009, the economy was pretty stinky to say the least. Remodeling contractors everywhere were shutting their doors or cutting way back on staff. The direction went toward smaller houses, simpler (cheaper) projects, and more DIY home improvements. A licensed contractor in Florida from the ripe young age of […]

Remodel or Move? — Can Help You Decide!


Have you ever considered a major remodeling project? I’m talking about spending 50K, 100K, 200K or even more! Room additions, new kitchens, and whole-house remodels all fall under the major remodel category. I know you’ve thought about it! I made my living for more than twenty years doing jobs like this and there was one […]

20 DIY Projects in Your Future and Why


I read an article this weekend that says that on average, the national percentage of single family homes sitting vacant is 18%! Just two counties over from me, in the playground of the rich and famous otherwise known as Naples, Florida, the number is apparently 32%! The article just added another nail to the coffin […]

The Top Five Money Questions for Remodeling


Over the years, I’ve talked to thousands of homeowners considering a remodeling project. They are at a decision point. The questions are often similar, often complex, and always cover many facets of life. One of the biggest issues is economics. ——————————————————————————————————————– The five most common questions on that front are: What do we need? What […]