One Month of Wearing Dickies “Work Clothes”


I’ve had an interesting month or two in the area of “work attire”.  Various connections made through blogging have landed a couple of “try em and see if you like em” boxes on my front porch.  I have an awesome pair of heavy duty workboots from Timberland that are apparently top-secret for awhile longer, and Jacob and I got a fair amount of stuff from Dickies, including Jeans, t-shirts, hats, shorts, and another nice pair of shoes.

It’s been fun and the cool thing as these companies don’t ask much out of me in return.  I’m never willing to take anything if there are strings attached.  If I like the stuff, I’ll say so, if not, I won’t say anything.

Lucky for me (and Jacob), we love the clothes we got from Dickies.  We wore them during the completion of a major damage repair to Jacob’s handmade wooden boat, you can see the video on YouTube or read the post here.


I mentioned the clothes in the video and put a few links in the blog post, but since I was busy talking about the boat, I didn’t really say much about the clothes.  Hard to mix talking about epoxy and pants at the same time.

So I’ll give it to you straight… these Dickies clothes rock!  It’s funny because they’ve always been there and I’ve had some Dickies brand stuff before, but it took a more “full immersion” experience for me to realize that there truly is a major difference in quality and durability here.  There’s a reason these clothes are marketed to working people.

I put my money where my mouth is on this too.  I ordered four new Dickies T-Shirts already, even while the ones I have still look new.  I like em.

Here are a few of my favorite features so far:

  • Super comfortable pants – I wear blue jeans most days and I’m wearing my Dickie’s Jeans right now.  Here’s the way this worked… I wore Lucky Brand yesterday and thought… these are nice jeans.  Today I wore Dickies and thought “Wow!  These jeans feel so good I have to write a blog post about them!”  There is a difference.  And, if I’m the judge, both pairs look equally fine on me. :-)
  • Amazing Sweat Absorbing T-Shirts – So how much can you say about a T-shirt, right?  Well, how much time do we have?  These Dickies T-Shirts are the best t-shirts I’ve ever had, bar none.  I’m a big dude (6’2 and about 250 “or so”) and I live in about the hottest and most humid part of this wonderful country; sunny central Florida.  When I work outside, I sweat.  Heck, when I GO outside, I sweat.  So, when all of the sudden I couldn’t tell I was sweating anymore I knew something crazy was going on.  That’s the power of these Dickies T-shirts.  I even ordered some for my Father In-Law.  Never stop working the Father-In-Law. Ever.
  • Hip Cargo and Carpenter Pants Style – One interesting factor of getting a little older each year is that it seems harder to stay in the loop style-wise.  The Dickies clothes seem to be working for me in that area.  My son thinks they’re cool, which is my first clue that I’m on the right track. And I’ve seen them multiple times on both guys and gals at Starbucks.  More affirmation!  Dickies are cool, not that I care or anything.
  • Everything Fit As Ordered – So Dickies didn’t just find a picture of me online and send me their best-guess for sizes.  We knew this stuff was coming and we looked at the website and ordered the right size.  We had a big box of stuff and you know what?  Every single item fit perfectly.  So the sizing is accurate, which is nice in today’s world of online purchasing.

As an aside – what happened to Flip-Flops? I was in a Hipster coffee bar the other  (hot summer) day and everyone was wearing some version of the vintagey looking leather shoes my son was wearing.  I was all alone wearing my favorite flip-flops.  Exactly WHEN did flip-flops go out of style?  Whatever. I like flip flops. Alot.

So, and I’m closing, I think you might want to go get you some of these Dickies clothes.  If you know and love a working man or woman, or if you just want to look like you COULD possibly be able to handle yourself on a construction site or a factory floor, while still looking good at the coffeehouse, then you ought to check Dickies out.


Here are a couple links to get you going.  Again… this is not a paid post and there are no special tracking codes in these links, I’m just telling you what I think after a month of wearing Dickies. Gooood.

Get Some!

~ Tim

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