Remodeling Ideas from The Westin Orlando Universal Boulevard

WestinOrlando RG Ideas

Nice hotels never fail to provide me with remodeling inspiration and of course the nicer they are, the better (and more expensive) the ideas usually are.

While on a short business trip to Orlando, FL we were happy to find a good deal on a beautiful one-bedroom suite at the Westin Orlando Universal Boulevard . As you can see in the pictures, it’s a nice room complete with mini-kitchen, separate bedroom, and a nice furnished balcony.

Here are a few ideas I thought were worth noting:

Single Panel Doors w/ Modern Looking Hardware

Westin Orlando Architectural Details - Single Panel Door

The “door du jour” seems to be an ever-moving target with me. Back in the day I was in love with the six-panel, then the two panel, then the arch top, now it’s the very traditional single panel door that’s caught my eye.

The use of a sleek and oversized brushed nickel lever handle along with three brushed nickel hinges is a perfect contrast of traditional and contemporary.

I went looking for a similar handle online and came close, but literally, no cigar. The handle at the hotel was cylindrical and I think it looked better than (but close to) the squared-off schlage lever below :


Art-Deco Door Casing

My architectural vocabulary is decent, and it rarely fails me, but it happens and this is one of those times. (maybe) I think this door casing would be called Art-Deco, but I could be wrong. In any case (ha!), I love it and I’ve drawn a profile you can take to your local millwork shop if you want to get some made-up.

WestinOrlando RG Door casing


Heavenly Shower Head

Ok, so I wasn’t totally sold at first. I was like “What the ____ is that?” at first glance. But you know what they say about judging a showerhead by it’s cover. After a little adjustment of angle and spray settings I found out how nice it is to have your whole body showered with endless hot water. (I love the endless hot water in a good hotel room)



You can actually buy these from Westin or from Amazon. The Heavenly Bed is pretty great too!

The Colors!

I think my favorite idea from this room, and the one I’m most likely to copy at home soon, is the color combination of the walls, trim, and ceiling.

The walls are painted on three sides of each room with a nice creamy off-white that seems to have a bit of minty green tint. The bedroom and main living area have one wall painted entirely in an accent color that is kind of a blue/green which shall remain nameless (because I don’t know what to call it). Best guess:

WestinOrlando RG Door colors

I wish I had a color deck with me when I was there, because I don’t feel like these are exactly right, the blue/green color really did look green in the afternoon and blue in the morning. No bs.

Fixtures and Furnishings

The rooms at the Westin Orlando Universal Boulevard are furnished beautifully!

Last but not least, the lighting and the furnishings are just right.

What a great room! And the hotel is wonderful. If you’re ever heading to Orlando you should check it out. It’s located just next to the convention center in the International Drive area, near Sea World. The pool is fantastic and the food is phenomenal.

Here are a few more pictures we took during our visit!

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