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When looking at wonderful bathrooms, ideas can be easy to feel but a little harder to spot individually. I love to help with that by finding great pictures and pulling the best bathrooms ideas out and sharing a few tips on each one.

Since there are millions of awesome bathroom pictures out there, I thought it would make sense to work around a theme… in this case we’re looking at Yellow Bathroom Ideas.


The woodwork in this bathroom combines with the colors to create a perfect environment

What a perfectly inviting space this is! The abundance of detailed woodwork really works great with the soft yellow. Lots of wood, which can be painted a crisp white, really helps balance colorful rooms. Here are a few ideas you might want to take away from this picture:

  1. Wainscot works great in bathrooms both for looks and for function. The wood is much more water resistant than drywall. This wainscot is beadboard paneling.
  2. Rosettes at the corners of the door and window casing really add interest and a traditional flair to the look. They also have the added advantage for the DIY’er of allowing for all straight/square cuts, which is a little easier.
  3. Huge baseboards and a balancing large crown molding both serve to create a sense of space by creating a mental “wireframe” of the room. The large base is also functional in protecting the beadboard.
  4. Multiple light sources including a traditional chandalier, wall sconces, and a beautiful leaded glass window combine forces to make the room beautiful day and night.

Image Source


This bathroom combines rustic (and easy) carpentry work with beautiful colors

So this is more my personal style. I absolutely love the rustic yet refined feel of this room. While it has many of the same features of the first bathroom shown above, this one just seems like a more invigorating place to get ready in the morning. I guess I should add that my house is a beach cottage type of place, so the rustic look works for me.

A few takeaways:

  1. Square trim everywhere is simple, very easy to work with, and looks great. It can also be less expensive.
  2. The small trim at the top of the walls serves to cover the gap above the wall boards, it’s probably cut that thin in order to be flexible to irregularities in the existing ceiling.
  3. The walls covered in rustic 1x paneling are FAB! I love this look so much and it is so easy to install. Mark your studs first then shoot it on with a trim nailer. TIP: Paint the wall behind with a dark color so the gaps between the boards look like shadows…you would be surprised how small of a gap will show a white wall behind.
  4. The simple DIY Shelf on the left is great looking and functional, though I am now wondering where the shaving cream, deodorant, and toothpaste goes…
  5. Love the wide plank pine floor!

And to kick this awesomeness up yet another notch, check out the adjacent bedroom:

Beutiful white and yellow rustic paneled bedroom.

I missed it when I first found this picture, but “check” out the painted floor!

Image Source: Houses-Dressing



Here’s another pretty yellow bathroom. This might be more your speed if you live in a larger home with a big master bathroom. Larger bathrooms can be harder to decorate in many cases than smaller ones and this one looks pretty nice.

Here are a few ideas to take note of:

  1. The right color granite can be hard to find but worth the effort. Even different slabs of the same stone can be very different in color and pattern. I’m not sure what was picked first, the color of the walls or the stone for the counters, but they go together great.
  2. Custom arches, mirrors, and column cabinets – Many a tract home has about this much space in the bathroom with a plain flat wall with a plate glass mirror behind the vanity. You can transform the look of the room by building a custom arch above, seemingly “supported” by useful and pretty glass-front cabinets. The mirrors being custom fit exactly is a nice touch too.
  3. Undermount sinks are very nice. If you’ve never had one you’d be surprised how such a simple thing can add a level of luxury to a room. These are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be and you can usually buy them from the stone supplier when you order your counters.

image source


Bright yellow, black, and torquoise, what a combo

If the first few examples were a little tame for your taste color-wise, maybe this one will float your boat. This bathroom is big on contrast and if you’re hipper than me, it’s probably pretty in at the moment.


  1. Sunglasses – naw, I’m just kidding.
  2. Mirrors like this are pretty easy to find and you can spray-paint the frame black. If you look at the “mirror in the mirror” you’ll notice that it’s not a mirror at all. There you have an ikea frame painted black with an artistic spash of color in the center.
  3. I would be remiss if I failed to point out the little dog photo in the glass door of the wall cabinet. That’s creative!
  4. Changing out your tile trim might be an option you never thought of. We had a bathroom with wall tile like this trimmed in a blueish green color which was kind of hard to decorate around. You can often just replace the colored trim strip of tile at a fraction of the cost while giving the room a whole new look. So if you want black tile trim against your yellow wall, no more excuses.

Source: Apartment Therapy



I had to throw this simple one in last just for kicks. The ideas are few, but poweful!

  1. The little handmade garland flaggy penant type dealy is pretty nifty, don’t you think? How hard could that be with some colorful felt and some string or wire?
  2. I’m again drawn to the simple shelf, though I now have to wonder if this is a bathroom at all… where’s the mirror? I’m thinking laundry room here.


So there you have it, a few inspiring pictures and some creative bathroom ideas to help you plan your next big project!

Which idea or photo is your favorite? I like to hear random thoughts on this kind of things, call me crazy.

~ Tim


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