Paslode Nail Gun Review | Lithium-Ion Cordless Angled Finish Nailer


Paslode Nail Gun Review

Just when I think I’ve got a favorite tool that will never be displaced, something amazing comes along and proves me wrong.

First it was my Lithium-Ion cordless tools from Ryobi. The Green Bag is still a major go-to set of tools but it was dethroned a year or so ago by a Paslode Straight Finish Nailer, which I found to be amazingly useful.

Fast forward a year or so and I’ve got a new favorite. This time, at least it’s still the same brand and roughly the same type of tool. Paslode has literally outdone itself with the new 16 gauge angled cordless nailgun. I didn’t think they could do much to improve the previous model, but as the saying goes, I had another think coming.

P1010857I’ve had the new Paslode Angled Cordless Nailer sitting in the box for awhile (Paslode sent it to me to review…I love my blog) but I didn’t have a project do do with it. I’ve been in sort of a personal remodeling project drought, the likes of which I’ve never seen before and hope to never see again.

Finally, the spell was broken with a project that involved “jacking-up” a couple of entry level Ikea beds and converting them into sleeping lofts with lots of living space underneath.

Total Amount of Trim Run for this Project – 0

So why would I use the trim gun? The answer to that is exactly why these cordless trim guns are my favorite tool. The 16 gauge finish nails make a tiny hole that is pretty much invisible yet they are strong enough to hold even large pieces of lumber for long enough to create a stronger connection.

Otherwise known as… you don’t need a helper to hold 2×4’s while you screw them together.

Hold the board where you want it and shoot a nail in. This gun holds nails up to 2.5″ which, while designed for trim such as crown molding or baseboard, works great for what I needed, which was holding 2x material in-place so I could run a couple of deckmate screws into them.

A “serious carpenter” might scoff at this. But as a jack-of-all-trades I can’t stress how helpful it is to be able to quickly and easily “tack” a board up without a helper.

ImageWhy This Nail Gun is Better Than The Previous Model

I have the previous model 16 gauge straight finish nailer. I thought it had a Lithium-Ion battery, but judging by the copious amount of “Li-Ion” with a special logo placed all over the new box and the new tool, I’m assuming I was wrong about that.

Whatever the case was with the last tool (which worked great for me), this battery pack is really awesome.

  • It’s tiny
  • It charges super-fast
  • It lasts 4-ever (not literally but I did the whole job on one charge)
  • It recharges quickly
  • The tool, with the battery is comfortably light.
  • The new tool has two battery positions for on and off to prevent leaving the battery connected to discharge…smart!

20130116 111226The lithium ion battery also seems to give the gun more kick. I never had a nail not go straight through solid lumber to the correct depth, which was set perfectly from the factory.

I even tried nailing through some knots to see if that would stump it, but it made no difference. (of course, I was using SPF lumber which is pretty soft)

Other Improvements

  • Angled is Better – not sure why I used to think otherwise, but you can certainly get into corners better with the angled gun.
  • The gas packs (this tool uses compressed fuel cartridges in conjunction with the battery) have been redesigned making them much easier to install. No more wondering if you’re going to break something.
  • Smaller charger
  • Better box design – Paslode really thinks out the case design for their tools and this one is better than the one before, which pretty much rocked. There is a place for everything.

More All Around Than You Think

Most of the readers of this blog are not professional carpenters who do this all day, every day. If you were, you would already know how great the Paslode Trim guns are because you probably have one or wish you did.

Readers here are DIY homeowners of various skill level so you might be asking yourself what you need with a dedicated trim gun. Take it from me, if you work with wood in any way (furniture fix-up, trim, paneling, cabinetry, doors, windows, outdoor trim, etc) then you would most likely find this tool to be a great investment. Other than a good cordless drill/driver, and at least one good circular saw, I’d say this is at the top of a “needed tool” list for a serious DIY remodeler.

I know I love mine!

Where to Buy – You can get the Paslode 902400 Cordless 16g Angled Lithium Ion Finish Nailer for $387.00 on with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

The Home Depot also carries it for $399.00, as does Lowe’s for the same price.

(prices are what I found online as-of 1/22/2013 and will obviously change over time)

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