Black Window and Door Trim

It’s no secret that I’m never the first kid on the block to like the newest look in shoe-laces. The same thing applies to paint colors and fancy embroidery on my butt.

But it’s okay because these trends take awhile to really catch-on. Take the practice of painting your window sashes or window trim black, for example. It’s not “new” per se, but I’m not alone in really starting to think it looks great.

Here are a few pictures that might get you revved-up for a little bit of black paint action.

Black Trim and Sunflowers – The Perfect Mix

Black trim and sunflowers... you can't miss.

Give me a break! This is awesome! I’d like to give that disembodied hand on that rockin’ pedestal a high five!

The trim here is a high gloss black with a very shiny, piano-like, sheen. But don’t let that scare you. If you look closely, you can see the imperfections in the wood from here, and you’re pretty far away! The point is that you might hear this from your painter (or the little voice in your head if that’s you):

If you want high-gloss paint, especially black, you’re going to need major surface prep.

Don’t believe it. At least not too much. You certainly will see more imperfections with a glossy black trim paint than you would with a flat white, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from it. It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Before moving on from this picture, check out a couple more strokes of awesomeness in this room.

  • Board and Batten Paneling – the walls in this studio are the perfect compliment to the black trim, both in color and in style. To see and learn more about board-and-batten, see this post.
  • What’s with the Floors? – I can’t tell if this is a really fancy floor, such as a special concrete finish or a terrazzo, or if this is a very inexpensive floor done with painted plywood. I guess that’s the point! In any case, it looks great! Don’t you think?

Why Yellow Roses? Nothing to Be Sorry for Here!

Black painted window sashes look great against the all white room!

I’m sure that black windows look good without yellow flowers in the room, but the last two pictures show that they certainly don’t hurt!

This room looks great and, like the room above, it’s very much helped-out by having awesome windows to begin with. I love the light pattern on these windows (known as a “3-over-3″ pattern)

Interestingly, this room also has a smooth white floor. This one is definitely painted.

What if You’re Normal?

It’s okay. Most of us don’t have dedicated studios with solid blocks of wood the size of a djembe, or a city apartment with walls of glass and the freedom to have white shiny floors. We are gloriously normal(ish) and have to keep our decor in the realm of semi-reality.

No worries, black is still in for you!

Black window sashes with white trim and white wall tile.

This kitchen combines black painted window sashes (on normal size windows) with white trim and white marble wall tile (in a running-bond pattern). A little bit of hot pizzazz is thrown in with the glossy black shelves. Love those.

The mix of colors in the mixer, brightly colored bowls, and the cool green glass bottles really makes this a great space.

Check out another “normal space” below:

Love it!

Hey, if this isn’t “normal” to you, why not? Let’s get it done! The difficulty doesn’t match the awesomeness! You can do this.

A few key points of this space:

  • The windows are actually a dark wood, which really look great against the white ceramic tile (not marble in this case).
  • The island has a beautiful carrerra marble top. No plumbing in the island makes this much easier to add if you don’t have one already. (I’ve always wanted my own island)
  • The lighting in this kitchen RAWKS! I just love the black fixtures against the wall that is completely covered in tile. Can I get an amen?
  • Don’t try that crown molding your first time out if you’re DIY. That’s serious stuff at least 7″ wide.
  • These windows are trimmed with an apron and a wood sill, which really adds to the look.

A Forum Thread with more info:

If you want to read more about black windows and doors, check out this forum post at iVillage GardenWeb.

While I don’t think I’ll ever give-in to the Ed Hardy-esque look in back-pocket embroidery, I think I’m sold on black windows, doors, and trim.

How about you?


  1. Franki Parde says

    This is “just too much….” Only this morning I’m lookin at the window frames and thinking….black…. It just says “right!” franki

  2. says

    You really put together a great collection of examples. So much so that I’m looking at the miles of antique trim in my house! But, the pale gray gloss looks good, and I can’t imagine doing it all over again!

  3. Rosalyn Kay says

    Hi Tim. Wow! I am so excited to find you! What do you think about glass blocks in the backsplash of the kitchen? Maybe a single row or a double row. Any thoughts on the issues at hand? Do you think it is not as in and should be avoided? The home is an old world, transitional Mediterranean feel. Ideas for a fireplace idea?? I am thinking of a concrete with stucco sort of thing …splotchy and chunky …. Just thinking outside the box. Thanks for any input. You are a blessing to the world!


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