Creative Uses for High Ceiling Spaces

If you’re running low on floor space but have an abundance of headroom, maybe you can build something like this!


I’ll take it! The photo above pretty much rocks my world. I love this whole thing. The particular shade of wood on the doors and floors is beautiful, and it all works great with the marble counters and the awesome rustic loft.

Speaking of the loft, that’s really the idea behind this post. By taking advantage of high ceiling areas, you can effectively double your floor space without adding on to your home!

Here are a few more photos to illustrate the idea a little further…

Even if You Have Plenty of Room!

This custom bed has a cool urban treehouse feel!

Who says you must be low on space to do something creative and cool like this! I’d do this in a huge home just because it’s so much fun! Wouldn’t it make life a little more interesting to wake up in an urban treehouse? Note that the stairs are also used for storage.

Use Every Nook and Cranny


Millions of homes have these spaces where the stairwell partially protrudes into the room. What a creative solution! Not to mention the following unique points…

  • They wrapped the baseboard around the front of the lower bunk to really enhance the “nook” or “cubby” feel of the bed areas.
  • A little bit of plywood with a custom cut profile further encapsulates each space.
  • The wide planks on the walls are consistent with the wide plank flooring. The overall space looks homey and a little rustic. The handrail visible in the picture shows that the overall home is probably not rustic at all.

Awesome, Radical, and Maybe for Short People?


I really love this space, which was a tiny one-car garage/shed which was converted to a house!

I’m just wondering if that headroom in the bed area would work for me. I’m a couple inches north of six feet tall and I think I’d need to sleep with a hardhat on even when I’m not in trouble.

One thing’s for sure, when I look at all these cool uses of space, I’m convinced more than ever that the creation of a perfect spot has very little to do with square footage.

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