Paint Project Inspiration

Here’s the truth: You deserve the home of your dreams.

You do. I’m totally serious and I’m talking to you. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

Write this on a little index card: “I live in the house of my dreams.” and read that out loud every day, like ten times in a row. I don’t care if anyone thinks your crazy, even you.

The important thing isn’t that you’re sane, it’s that you live in a rockin’ abode. This will get you there. You just can’t quit doing it. Eventually you’ll make it true even if it’s not even close today. I’m telling you the truth.

Soon, you will start to feel a little motivated. RUN with it. Start doing something to make it happen. Like now. Maybe a little paint?

Research shows that a paint can is the most powerful force, in terms of Wpci rating (wow! per cubic inch), in all of home improvement! It’s like dynamite! Dyn-O-Mite!

Paint Project Inspiration

Glossy Painted Wood Paneling

painted v-joint

I picked this picture, from, to show off the cool use of color, but it’s also a great example of using v-joint material to cover your walls. (post on v-joint paneling here)

If you look at where the natural light is shining in on this painted wall, you’ll see that it’s a semi-gloss paint (possibly even high gloss, but I don’t think so).

The trick to making that work on the wood is one action word: sanding. (followed by tedious cleaning off of all sanding residue.)

It’s worth the effort to achieve this look, but if you don’t have the time or inclination to sand the wood smooth, use flat paint!

Contrasting Walls and Ceilings

contrasting whites and grey

I’m so easily distracted… I love the floors in this picture from

  • and the bench..
  • and the steps…

But the use of stark contrasting colors is the “paint project inspiration” I’m showing here. Not everyone wants bright greens and yellows and reds which are so often shown. This photo is proof that you can get beautiful spaces with a wide range of colors.

One trick to pay particular attention to, and it makes all the difference in the whole world here, is that all the trim is painted the wall color. The baseboard and door casing just blends into the walls. Looks cool and makes for a much easier paint job!

Use Accent Colors

This picture, from a post here on RG about kitchen islands, shows a great mix of colors. The blue accent color on the cabinet shows off the woodwork and creates a great focal point at the end of the room. Imagine the same shot with that cabinet white and see what a difference the color makes!

The shot below shows how a nice simple wall color can be soothing and calm, while the use of color in the curtains and bedding makes the whole space pop! It’s often hard to remember things like window treatments, bedding, and pillows when deciding on a wall color. Sometimes those little things can give the splash of color you really need!

accent color curtains

Boxes and Boxes of Color

colorful painted boxes

Woot! Oh yeah. This is a hot idea!

Anyone can build a box! (more or less) Buy some plywood and break out those two essential tools, the power-saw and the air nailer, and go to town! (just me, but I would use thicker wood than is shown in the picture)

Painting the inside of these all different colors is brilliant! Just imagine what this can look like arranged and stacked all cool in a room, then loaded with your favorite stuff.


Dream house, here we come!

If I can help you with any paint questions, or if you’ve got anything you’d like to share in the comments, please do. I love comments.


  1. Jackie W. - Kanasas says

    When we go to Lowe’s & look at bead board it looks cheap. The stuff in magazines looks like real wood.

  2. Kathy says

    We’ve put up bead board and T-111 all through our house. I love the look. In the entry it’s T-111 painted “Oatmeal”. In the kitchen/dining room it’s T-111 painted red (I can’t remember the name, but it matches my Fiesta Ware). In the guest bedroom it’s bead board painted white, and “Cowslip Yellow” in the guest bathroom. It’s all Valspar paint. When we first started the T-111 was $19/ 4’x8′ sheet. Now it’s over $30!
    Hubby is laying a wood floor in the guest bathroom as we “speak” that will be painted white. Your blog has been a great inspiration for all of our DIY projects. Thank you.


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