10 Ways to Keep The Inspiration Alive

Raise your hand if your home remodeling plans have taken longer than you expected. Plans to build a new home? Plans to redecorate? Now take a look around the room. Almost every hand in the room is up, a few of you with both hands up, and one lady trying to hold a foot up too, she must have planned on all three. The few without hands up have trust funds. Ignore them.


It’s been a tough time for lots of people and it’s taken longer than anyone expected. I actually remember hearing a news report that said it “could be early 2009 before we see a full recovery in the US economy”. Hah! Even funnier, I didn’t buy it. That was like ten months away at the time. Surely things would be normal before that. Hah, hah.

So here’s what happens. Most people keep the excitement alive for a little while. They tough it out. They keep thinking about that remodel or new house and they keep picking colors and browsing catalogs for the perfect lamp. Right? But that only “naturally” lasts so long in most folks. It starts to fade a little over time.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind.” True, right? You know what else is true? The reverse. This is something we all know works, and it works both ways. So what about “In sight, in mind.”, or even cooler but just as real, “In mind, in sight.” That’s my favorite because it reminds me that when I focus on something persistently, it usually appears. It’s just a matter of time.


So I say all that to say this: Keep your remodeling inspiration alive! Keep those pictures in your mind. Tear them out of magazines, print them from websites on good photo paper and pin them on a wall. Go look at model homes and browse furniture showrooms.

And while you’re online, check out all the cool posts here on RemodelingGuy.net! Here are ten more places where I find inspiration jet fuel with just a click!

This is all part of the remodeling process anyway… see my post about getting “Hooked on Magazines“.

Have fun!

– Tim


  1. says

    Great advice! We are remodeling now. Have been for nearly a year, on and off, but hope to keep going till it’s finished this time.

  2. Franki Parde says

    It’s been nine long months working on “this boathouse project”…sometimes, I think giving birth was easier. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s what keeps us going, I guess. Love the column…keep up the good work and Hang in there!!! franki

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