6 Great Rooms with White Marble

White Marble is SO Back!


Look, I have to tell you, I’m not really on the very cutting edge. I’m usually a little “slow on the uptake” as my good old Dad always encouraged me as a child.

I say that in preemptive response to those of you sitting in your ultra-cool chair looking at your super hot Mac, going “uh, hello, that’s yesterday’s news” in response to opening line.

Whatever. I noticed awhile back but then I forgot. So this is all new to me again.

White on White Just Ain’t Right

Here’s the thing. Magazines are always showing these white counters on white cabinets with white backsplashes covering the whole wall. I’m not sure about you, but for me that’s too much white for actually living in. Works great for a magazine layout however. If that’s your main use for your kitchen… then by all means yes.

Redirect Your Attention to the Top Photo

See, now there is a kitchen that works. You can do your magazine photo shoot in the nice morning light and then live a normal life like me the rest of the day.

This photo is an example of a perfect blend of beautiful wood (I’m thinking that’s Maple), really cool cabinetry (Kraftmaid…love those upper cabinet doors), and a rockin’ backsplash tile. Oh, and white marble tops. (almost forgot)

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Colors!

Great, well, everything makes this white counter kitchen really spectacular.

I just love the way the kitchen in the above photo makes use of a few different tones. The white marble top on the island has a beautiful scalloped edge detail making it look like a huge farm table in the kitchen. The white top looks great against the painted black cabinet base.

And just how cool is that benchy stool thingy?

This kitchen has so much going on that makes it perfect. I can’t help myself but to point out a few of my favorite things:

  • I’m in love with the ceiling… flat out. Pure. (at first sight)
  • The light fixtures are the perfect adornments for my ceiling (it’s mine now)
  • How imaginative and perfect is the greened-out pantry? Is there even a door?
  • Don’t miss the arch-top doors. (and the light pattern on them)
  • On the negative side… the more I stare, I’m not sure I love those open shelves?

Black Cabinets, White Tops, All Good


This is the kind of thing that YOU can do in your kitchen. You can paint your existing cabinets black and get new counters and fixtures and you’re stylin’. This room looks sharp. Is it too masculine?

I love the overall color combination and I think the earthy wall tile brings it all together. Notice how this counter uses a “straight polished edge” rather than any decorative edge treatment. It would be very easy to let the countertop guy (who may or may not have any reasonable taste) convince you to go with a shaped edge. It would change this look completely. Don’t do it here.

Look Closely At This Inspiring Photo

White marble countertops on dark painted cabinets...it works!

I have the hardest time staying “on task” when I try and write about one subject at a time. It’s not my fault… who wouldn’t be distracted by the paneling in the back room shown above? I’m only human. A red blooded American man. Not immune.

And those doors… what curves.

Oh yes, white marble. (check out the floors) The counters look great against the painted cabinets. I read at the source of the picture (linked below) that the cabinets are painted with Ralph Lauren Paints… still my favorite.

Not so sure I love the butcherblock counter… those things freak me out and make me all Monk-ish.

Let’s Not Forget The Bathroom

White Counters work in the bathroom...of course!

I found this picture at the website of Delta Faucet (don’t miss the link below to the photo gallery). They might have been trying to show off the cool faucets, which are very nice, but what I was looking for was white marble on dark cabinets and I found it. Looks great.

White marble has always been a common material in bathrooms.

But Lets Not Get Crazy


It is possible to overdo it a little, dontcha think? Though I must admit that this room does have some endearing features. I love the vanity cabinets with the open towel storage above the doors. I like the framed tile mosaic that nicely surrounds the really cool showerhead.

NOT sure I could handle the location of that toilet though. That would just be too odd for me. Way too big of a room there. Anyway, on that note… we’ll roll this up.

What say you? Thoughts? Links to other great white marble pictures?

Image #1 – Kraftmaid Cabinetry
Images #2 and 3 -DecorPad.com here and here
Image #4- by Don Freeman for Country Living Magazine
Image #5 – Photo Gallery at Delta Faucet Company
Image #7 – SharonsScrapbook


  1. says

    wow. I wasnt sure about the open shelves wither anfter I kept looking, but there are so many “right” things in that picture that I love.

  2. MARY GLYNN says

    My first e-mail to you! My tail wags whenever someone points out details in construction and design, that others might miss, and gives helpful advise (as you do). You feed us, renovator’s and decorator’s, souls with inspiring ideas to ponder or tackle! I like the open pantry in the featured kitchen. That open pantry works with the style of the kitchen. However, I’m sure that pantry stores cool food from all over the world, or from fancy gourmet shops. Our ‘Tweenkies’, chips and “Hamburger Helper” wouldn’t look as hot in an open pantry, right?


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