Q & A Day – I Love Glass Tile – Can I Use It On A Floor?

Beautiful Round Glass Tiles

Hi Tim,

I have a tile question for you if you have time? I’m thinking of using a recycled glass tile company out of Seattle that has these circles of glass to tile my bathroom floor with.

What do you think? Would this be durable and would it be high maintenance?




Hi Tina,

I’m a huge fan of glass tile! (speaking of huge fans, here is a funny cartoon)

I wrote a post last year about glass tile becoming more affordable.

But, I’m not so sure I would use it for a floor. I’ve seen photos of this, and even the company you mentioned had pictures on the website of it done on a floor.

I don’t think general maintenance is a problem but I do know that it cracks more easily, by far, than other forms of tile. On a wall, not a big deal, but on a floor where you’ll be walking and things could get dropped, it is a big deal. Two reasons:

  1. Glass shards are more likely to cut you! – not much to expound on here.
  2. No replacing one tile – with most other forms of tile, it is relatively simple to get one piece out and replace it if it gets broken. With glass tile this is very difficult. Not impossible, but really hard to do. The tile is so easily broken, that when you’re gently tapping away at the piece you want out, the next peice cracks! It’s a snowball effect and you can end up replacing a whole, entire, giant bathroom full. (not that I would know anything about that)

Sorry, but I wouldn’t recommend glass tile for a floor.

Open to discussion in the comments!

Photo above: Bedrock Industries, Seattle


  1. Joe says

    I am looking for small diameter glass tiles in brown / tan /earthtones for placement in a shower. The effect is very similar to your website photo. Can you tell me where these tiles can be purchased, perhaps in several colors, loose bulk. Thanks, Joe

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