The Nester’s Pic of the Week!

Awhile back I took a picture of a pretty room and simply pointed out the details that I thought made a real difference. I enjoyed doing that, readers seemed to like it, and my friend and cohort, The Nester, loved it. She said I should do that every week. So I asked her to send me some pictures, and boy did she! Golly gee!

She sent so many, that for the foreseeable future I’ll take a close look at them one per week…

The Nester’s Pic of The Week!

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A Beautiful Traditional Little Kitchen!

Wow! So, who has heard of a vision board? This might make a good addiction (er, I mean addition) to one! This kitchen is smokin’ hot!

Here are some of the details I love, that you can incorporate into a project of any scope (just in case you decide to scale back a tad…).

The Floor


These tile floors that are made up of various sizes always get my attention (there is a word for it, but it escapes me… modular?). But in this kitchen the colors and textures go perfectly with one another.

I’m relatively certain that this is natural stone, but the fact the even I can’t say for sure is a testament to the quality of some of the manufactured products available. If you can afford it though, I would splurge on real natural stone! It’s my favorite… or one of them!

The Window


Like, the picture says is at all man!

But seriously, you can come up with ways to get abundant natural light into your kitchen. (see recent post on Bump-Out Additions)

The Island


I’m seriously in love with kitchen islands. But not just any island, I have standards.

For me to give my heart to an island it must offer one very important thing to me: A place to sit. I love islands that you can sit around.

The feel of sitting right in the kitchen and hanging out while a meal is prepared, eating casual meals there, just laughing and enjoying time with family and friends. That’s what this island says to me.

A couple of points:

  • Notice the height. It’s at standard counter height (36″) or maybe a little higher. Again, we’re talking feel, but I prefer to sit at a higher table for casual meals. And of-course, it makes the whole surface a usable workspace.
  • See how they used a different counter? I wish I could see this closer because I can’t tell if this is a concrete counter, a wood counter, or a stone counter? Anybody have a counter-opinion? I just think it sets the island apart and gives cool contrast to the kitchen using different surfaces. And I like the edge treatment.
  • Take a look at the detailed work under the counter on the face of the cabinet. It isn’t hard to add a little detail here when doing a whole kitchen over, and it makes a really significant difference!
  • See this post for more islands (Hooked On Islands)

The Ceiling


Hang on while I gather my thoughts… this kind of thing stuns me a little bit! I’m a wood nut and I love lots of woodwork in a house. I’m a ceiling nut too! Did you know that was a thing? Neither did my wife until she started to realize that one of the first things I notice about rooms is the ceiling! Ceilings are huge canvasses, so often left blank!

This kind of thing can be done on your ceiling. Any ceiling really. I wrote a post about it. (see Beam Me Up!)

This ceiling in particular has some great detail to it. Look closely and you’ll see.

One final thought about the ceiling…see how the lights are NOT symmetrical. People argue about this stuff. Some say that you should just put the recessed cans where you need them for task lighting, others (like me) say that it should be even. Same number per square, same location in each square… Who cares, right? Just thinking out loud.

A Beautiful Kitchen Overall

24897 0 4-3301-traditional-kitchen

So, overall, if you want to set yourself some lofty goals for a traditional kitchen, this might be a great place to start!

  • great cabinets
  • great flooring
  • great lighting
  • great details
  • beautiful colors
  • abundant light
  • plenty of work surface
  • a place to sit
  • and a cute little stool!

And with that we wrap-up this first edition of The Nester’s Pic of The Week. Stay tuned and see what else she sent me!

And here is my question to you…

What are your thoughts? What do you like? Any questions for me?

Just let me know in the comments! :-)


  1. says

    I think that will be my kitchen in heaven. Yes. only it will be filled with people and the barstools will be more banged up and there will be food spilling out of all sorts of containers all over the counter.

    I vote wood for the island counter.

    And I NEVER would have noticed the pattern of the recessed lights!

  2. says

    This kitchen is a dream. I love the cabinets, and the ceiling is stunning. I also really like the big window. I could be really happy in this kitchen. Hugs, Marty

  3. Carol says

    Yeah to Nester for sending you pictures! (Give us one of these a week and keep us happy.) Thanks for pointing out things I wouldn’t have noticed (like the ceiling). I’m all for that window, as long as it’s southern facing. (Living in a dark climate right now.)

  4. says

    Love all the light that is coming in! I wouldn’t love having to wipe little handprints off that window all day though…
    But, I guess if I could afford a house with that big of a kitchen I could afford a window cleaner as well…LOL!
    I love the ceiling….I so desperately want to rid my house of popcorn ceilings!!! Although, the asymmetrical lights would bug me if it were my house :)
    And the stone floor is beautiful!
    I love inspirational photos…keep ’em comin’! :)


  5. says

    I will be working with hubby to design a new kitchen for our lake house. This fall we will be taking to-the-millimeter measurements, and working on the layout. We’ll be picking out cabinet styles, floors, lights, etc.
    Then we’ll have a few local kitchen designers do the same thing (if they don’t charge too exhorbitant a fee).
    And then we’ll decide on what we want, and next year, probably some time in the summer, we’ll start working on it. We do the work ourselves, so this will be literally a weekend project and will take much more time than I would want it to, but in the end, when my kitchen looks nothing like my dream kitchen ’cause we can’t afford my dream kitchen? I’ll look at this picture and say, “Why-oh-why couldn’t I live in this house?????”

  6. says

    Haha – this will be a great addiction for my vision board ๐Ÿ˜‰
    What an amazing kitchen!!

    And thanks for your newsletter – my computer crashed a while ago and I lost ALL my bookmarked blogs – I really enjoy yours and am glad you’re blogging still!! :)
    (And yes, your inspirational talk DID sound a bit like a kiddy Sunday School song!! I loved it. Everyone needs to be reminded of the important lessons we learned as children!!)

  7. says

    Oooh! The ceiling! The floor! The windows! Those are the three that first caught mt eye. This picture almost makes me want to revise my (someday) color scheme for my kitchen!

  8. Franki Parde says

    This kitchen SPEAKS to me! I LOVE IT! Your insights are fantastic and THEY speak to me, too. Keep the conversation going….franki

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