A Cool Idea for a Hot Island!

One of the advantages of my graying beard is that I can say things that aren’t, like, totally hip, and get away with it! Or at least think I got away with it! For example, I can refer to a kitchen island this way…

This island is HOT!

Kitchen Island

Now I know the look overall may not be just what you’re looking for. If it is, great, you found it! But what I’m really stoked about is the way they used two regular ole dressers to make the island. That rocks!

Kitchen Island2

If I was the one who came up with this idea, I’d have to treat myself to a steak or something. This is a great idea! How quickly could you do this? A day?

9:00 am – Find old dressers at Goodwill or a garage sale

10:00 am – Pick up some spray paint and stencils at Michael’s or, what’s that big one we went to in Charlotte???…thinking…(have to go ask Kim) Hobby Lobby!

11:00 am – Furniture laid out on drop cloths, spray paint going mad.

1:00 pm – Paint is drying, and you’re off to a local granite supplier with measurements for a square slab of stone.

2:00 pm – How lucky are you! The granite supplier had exactly what you want in the scrap bin for $10.00 … this almost doesn’t seem real!

3:00pm – Since you’ve been working out, it’s no problem to throw that slab of stone on-top of your freshly painted island… and you’re done!

4:00pm – Relax, kick back, look at your handi-work, and wait for the family to come home and see what you did today!

See how simple that is! :-)

Now you try!

pictures from DIYIdeas.com


  1. josie says

    that is such a cool idea! love it.

    right now i have an old marble topped table as a workspace in my kitchen. it is the perfect height for my kids (ages 2, 4, and 6) to eat at or help me cook. one day when they are bigger, i will grow into an island.

  2. says

    Sherri – A large slab of stone is pretty heavy and would probably stay put on its own, just gravity. But to be extra safe, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use an epoxy-based glue (a two-part adhesive, available at any hardwares tore). To REALLY hold it down, you could have the stone guys install some threaded rods into the back of the stone, drill holes in the top of the cabinet to receive them, and then put a nut and washer inside the cabinet.

  3. mombrud says

    After seeing Melissa’s nesting tip #15 over at the Inspired Room, I was thinking it would be cool to use bookcases too!

  4. says

    I realize I need to get out more, but I have never seen anything (maybe my babies) that I adore more than that island. I have to make one. I have to quit my job, throw caution to the wind, mortgage my house and do it. Wow Oh Wow.


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