Tropical Colors and Wavy Curves For an Island Feel

Here is the back yard I step out of bed into every morning!


Our house is not large (only 1000sf) and our yard isn’t much bigger! Since we’re a family of four, three of whom are large males weighing in at a combined 550 pounds, we really need to maximize our space!

One of the best ways we’ve done this is by building some amazing outdoor areas. Overall, there is as much living space outside as there is inside and we love every inch of it! You’ve seen the Tiki Bar before, and the Garden isn’t ready yet for public display, so today I’ll show you the main deck.

Custom Furniture In Tropical Colors Sets The Mood!


Ya Mon! Dis here be an Islan’ House! Irie!

Even though our yard isn’t large, it’s well utilized. We have enough seating for 20 or more adults to spread out comfortably. And if we have that many, I won’t be among the seated because I’ll be behind the grill!

But most of the time it’s just the four of us and we can move to whatever spot happens to be in the shade at the moment. Palm trees, Sea Grapes, and a couple of giant market umbrellas do a great job of keeping it comfy. If it gets too hot, there is an Outdoor Shower to cool down.


Curved Edges Give a Beachy Feel


We’re only steps from Charlotte Harbor and the curves in the deck remind me of the waves on the water I pretty much always wish I was on or in! I really think all the curves add a very unique character to the deck and hide the fact that it is substantially square in shape.


I showed you in a post earlier this week a way to create a curve in a deck using pie or wedge shaped deck boards. That way is much harder than the way I did it. As you can see, my deck boards are not “ripped” lengthwise down the board. All of my curves are made with curved cross-cuts.

This really isn’t hard to do. You just go ahead and install your boards before the curve is cut, using your minds eye to give you an idea of how long each board needs to be to make the curve. After they are firmly attached in place, you mark and cut the curve right in place.

If you’re not very confident with a circular saw, the easiest tool to use is a Jig-Saw. The jig-saw works great for this but takes a bit of time. I made these curves using a circular saw starting with a very shallow blade and cutting deeper on multiple consecutive passes. (experience and caution required…circular saws can bind-up and kick-back)

In this case… the first cut is not the deepest.

Make a Curved Seat Rail With Plywood


Our deck has a low rail that goes around two sides. This rail doubles as seating when we’re entertaining a large number of guests. I had a whole lot of fun making the curved section of the rail.

Mine is made out of Marine Plywood which should never rot. You could also use pressure treated plywood and it should perform well. In order to match the thickness of the straight sections (2×6), I doubled up two layers of 3/4″ thick plywood.

I used a length of PVC pipe mark my curve and made the cuts in the plywood with the Jig-saw. At each end, where the plywood meets up with the solid lumber, I used a “half-lap” joint to make the corners strong.

You can do almost anything with plywood! I saw some beautiful plywood kitchen counters the other day!

Some Interior Carpentry Magic Coming-Up!

Well, magic might be a strong word, but I’ll soon have some great interior carpentry work to show you. A project we’re working on right now includes some beautiful window casings, crown molding, and baseboards.

We’re also doing some super-cool soundproofing work that you’ll want to see.

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So, Remodeling Guy Regulars (The Crew) what do you think of my back yard? Should we have a Crew Party? I’m sure an airline would sponsor all of your travel expenses…right?


  1. says

    My husband loved the porch/house in your last post. Hey, just wanted to share that we finally after 1 full year sold our house. If all goes well, in 4 weeks we will move into the house we bought 1 1/2 years ago! Oh, and my RL paint project turned out great. Oh, I still need to post that. Anyhow, Celery is the perfect color if you like robins egg blue!

    Susan’s last blog post..It is finished!

  2. Franki Parde says

    I have the SAME little wash stand you have on my outdoor deck next to the outdoor shower….mine holds towels in the basin…just grab and go. Decks are SO MUCH FUN! Enjoy…..franki

  3. Jen says

    I am soo green with envy!! I loooove your tropical colors. OOOHH and I am so booking a flight when you give me all the details–lol Now will you come to Ohio and make me a purtty deck?!!?

  4. Kimberlee says

    Looove it!! I live in Brandon – a little farther from the water, but FL nonetheless! Our backyard is so borrrring and I love the tropical feel of this. Bright colors make me happy! And your #1 pick for outdoor shower – terrific!!

  5. Kevin says

    I Love this.. This is exactly how i want to model my deck/backyard. Just one question.. how large is your deck to accommodate all that furniture/people?


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