Inspiring Outdoor Showers

I wonder if we were in the hot-spot of the country today? It hit 98 degrees today at my house!

Mangoes hang on the trees, bougainvilla and hibiscus are in full bloom, and the summer high tides splash over the sea wall when the afternoon winds pick-up.

IMG 1448

It’s Island Life, and I love it!But it makes me think a whole lot about cooling off! We’ve got a long list of to-do’s before we can put a pool in, so for the time being I have to think a little smaller. I’m thinking our little outdoor shower could use an overhaul. A major overhaul. I’m thinking it could use it soon.


So I went out looking for inspiration and I’m going to show you what I found. Before I do, let me ask you, have you ever enjoyed an outdoor shower? If not, you’re going to love it! For me, the more it blends with the foliage the better. I want it to feel as much like a waterfall coming out of the side of a moss and fern covered cliff by a beach as I possibly can. When I was a kid, I wanted to move to Gilligan’s Island.

Take a look at this one:


I love a whole lot more about this bathroom than just the shower. The curved wooden countertops and storage cabinets are like art to me. The vessel sinks, the mirror surrounds, the louvers up high on the wall…it’s all good. But what I really love about this is how the outdoor shower is just a step out side the door of the private master bath. I just love it. I might not love the stones on the floor though?

What about this one:

The Beach Villa Outdoor Shower

Something tells me this shower is in the Far East somewhere, although the palm fronds look just like the one out my window, and the color is very similar to the color we’re doing on our exterior, so I can use my imagination to put this shower at my house.

I love the little wood deck on the floor. Too Cool! I love the niche in the wall and I really like the openness of this. I can only assume that the side the picture is take from doesn’t open up onto a parking lot. That would be weird but I guess after awhile you forget all those people are there. Right?

What about this one:

outdoor shower lg

This one seems reasonable. Anyone handy with a Skilsaw and those orange lumber carts at Home Depot (don’t get me started on those carts…what’s with the wheels?) can build this in a weekend. Paint the brown parts the color of my chairs at the top and you’ll be good to go! This one even has doors for the modest. I’m not loving the location of the electrical outlet… GFI or not!

My favorite so far:


Replace those plastic loungers with some custom made wood chairs (I know a guy) and you’ll be all set. I LOVE having the roof structure right nearby but not over the shower. I LOVE the vines growing one the walls and the thick vegetation all around. (I would add some flowers though, for color) Love the big shower head, love the slate tiles, love the wood shakes on the roof (and the steep pitch). I like this one.

Top Five Must Have’s for an Outdoor Shower:

5. Must have a place to sit down. A bench, a weatherproof chair, something.

4. Must have some elbow room. Sometimes you need elbow room.

3. Must be easy to clean. If I can’t just hose it down, forget it.

2. Must have lots of flowers and live plants.I want it to feel like Gilligans Island.

1. MUST HAVE HOT WATER. It’s not 98 degrees every day!

So, my honey-do list continues to grow. (I always add more stuff to the list than my honey do!) HA!! HAAAA!!! :-)

Oh, the chairs at the top. Custom made by yours truly. Absolutely the finest Adirondack Chairs I’ve ever experienced. Super comfortable because they are huge and so much fun to look at! I’d love to sell these online, but the shipping is a bit tricky since they are fully, and permanently, assembled. If you’re interested, let me know!

So, do you need a shower?


  1. says

    I DO need a shower … but not sure I want one outside this morning in the 60 degree clouds we’ve got here in KS! (And what about critters? I mean would they come to drink puddled water? Or would water breed mosquitos?)

    Abbie’s last blog post..Just the kids.

  2. says

    Ok, just so I don’t sound so negative – those showers are all VERY pretty and would be very relaxing to use! How nice would a pretty shower be? I’ve only used a pretty one in a house maybe twice – one had a huge, overhead shower head and those slate tiles from your favorite!

    Abbie’s last blog post..Just the kids.

  3. says

    LOL @ Abbie’s comment! I’m a bit too modest for outdoor showers. However, yes I have experienced one. No, it was not wonderful. It was necessary because my husband’s family lives in a village in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico and they don’t have a bathroom! You take a cold water bucket and a scalding hot water bucket, mix together and you get warm, dump over your head and voila! DIY outdoor shower. But nobody warned me about the flies that bite you in places that aren’t normally exposed…

    Those outdoor showers sure are pretty to look at though. I prefer indoor showers where there aren’t bugs showering with me :)

    Mrs. Q’s last blog post..Stranger Lessons in the Grocery Store


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