Colors in Cabinetry – A New Trend?

This looks like a bright way to start the day!

southern living 2

Colors seem to be all the rage in cabinetry these days.  I’ve been seeing this in magazines all over the place!  The way this job ( featured in Southern Living) is done really impressed me though.  It just seems like the perfect mix of colors.  The clean white on the top half of the room seems to settle it down too.  Looks good to me!

southern living

These are the kind of colors that, a year or two ago, only crazy Tommy Bahama wearin’ tropical Parrothead people like me would put in the house. 

I think this is the kind of thing that you either love, or you hate!  Not too many middle grounders on this one, I wouldn’t imagine.

southern living 3

If you’re in the “love it” crowd then this could be great news!  It’s not that difficult to repaint old cabinets and have them looking shiny and new in no time.  I wonder what happens when your spouse comes home and finds the kitchen is a mix of bright oranges and greens and yellows.  Do me a favor, if you do that, set up a video camera so we can put a YouTube video on the blog when you surprise him/her!

As for me and my house, I think we found our new kitchen!


  1. says

    Hi Tim
    Love the painted cabinets. I’m working on a kitchen remodel now. I stopped by the home show in Sarasota on Saturday and fell in love with cabinets that were painted robins egg blue. The backsplash was blue tile and brushed nickel. I wanted to tear it all down and pack it up in my SUV.

    Kathleen Moser’s last blog post..Blue Monday

  2. Amy says

    I came to your site via Nester and am excited about checking back with you!

    These pictures are great, as are the colors! Don’t think I’m brave enough to leap into lime green and red quite yet, but I was wondering if you plan to do any kind of tutorial on cabinet painting? I have ’90’s boring oak cabinets that could use some sprucing up. I painted my island (since that was a small place to start and would be relatively inexpensive to have someone “fix” if it looked terrible). It looks good but I’m not sure that it will hold up well. Any hints? Do I have to use oil-based paint to achieve a good finish? Thanks!

  3. says

    I am visiting you via The Nesting Place…I just read your guest post. Yes, I love love love this kitchen. The colors are friendly, happy and clean. I think I would stay in a good mood if this was my kitchen. Cannot wait to read future post of yours.

    Katy’s last blog post..Want to win some polish? I do…

  4. Lauren says

    Also visiting via Nester … and would also LOVE an easy-to-follow tutorial on painting cabinets. Mine are a horrible orangey-stained wood and I’ve been thinking about painting them for a while now but haven’t a clue where to start. Can you point us all in the right direction?

  5. says

    i can’t tell you just how timely this post is… we’ve started repainting our cabinets and this just gave me the added boost i needed to paint the top and bottoms different colors!! thank you!
    oh, have you heard of repainting countertops?? any thoughts on that one? thank you remodeling guy!

    kari’s last blog’s ok…..


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