18 Inspiring Tiny Houses

I'm a giant fan of tiny houses! Of course that might change if I ever lived in one but, then again, it might not.  I already live in 1000 square feet of space after downsizing from about three times … [Read More...]

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20 Small Space Storage Ideas

Here's one thing I know for sure... no matter how big your house is, you need more storage! People have an uncanny knack for filling whatever space they have available. If you do live in a small house (mine is a little cottage by the water at a cozy 1000 square feet) you really need more storage!  I've collected a group of ideas … [Read More...]

All the trimmings!

Baseboards, and Shoe Moldings, and Quarter Rounds – Oh My!

Hey Crew! Let's talk some more about trim!  Today is the second post in this series which aims to dig deep into the ins, outs, ups, and downs of all sorts of interior trim.  We'll start at the ground level and focus on baseboards today.  Take a look at a couple of pictures that show how much interest trim can add to a sp … [Read More...]

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Easily Clean Mold Stained Shower Grout – Video

To the great frustration of pretty much everyone, everywhere... showers can get moldy. Windows in the shower wall make matters worse. Throw in a hot and humid climate like I have in Florida, and you've got a mold trifecta brewing. That's the situation I … [Read More...]

Deck Living at Remodeling Guy

Deck Life — Loving It!

We absolutely love our wood deck outdoor living! It's as big a part of our life as the house is. I mean that literally of course. The deck and the house are roughly the same size at around 1000sf so, for us, outdoor living is where it's at! When the weather … [Read More...]


Remodeling Ideas from Winter Park Colorado

I’ve always loved to travel. In fact, the love of travel is part of what started our journey into the world of blogs six years ago with our first blog, So I guess it’s no surprise that when my wife Kim, who blogs at, wa … [Read More...]


Restoring a Moldy Wood Deck with Concrobium

I love my wood deck. If you've got even a few square feet of wood deck at your home, you know what I'm talking about. There's something special about a wood deck. It feels and looks natural and somehow blends with the environment in a way many other surfaces … [Read More...]


12 Tiny Houses with Amazing Outdoor Spaces

Everyone who lives in a tiny house agrees… outdoor space is where it’s at! Just because the house is only a few hundred square feet on a fat day does NOT mean that’s the real living area. These 12 amazing tiny houses sport inspiring and inviting outdoor spac … [Read More...]